A digital toolbox
for boosting fashion e-commerce sales

Preenster turns hesitation into real sales.
Tailor the tools to the needs of your e-store.

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Convert the visitors of your website
into customers by helping them make a choice

You might be losing out on closing the sales by ignoring two simple facts:

On average every fourth visitor
does not complete a purchase
because of the doubts
Most shoppers consult for advice
with friends when they hesitate
about the choice

Under the hood

Bring your visitors closer to making a purchase in three easy steps

Smart start
Snap poll
Confident purchase

Step one: a Smart start

Due to extensive research we know when the e-shopper’s
behavior on your web site indicates hesitation about
making a purchase. We have embedded the key markers
of such behavior into triggers, that initiate Preenster at
exactly the right moment.

Step two: a Snap poll

When a visitor hesitates over his or her choice of buying
or deciding between different items, he or she is offered
to create a personalized poll that will be sent to anyone
whose opinion is trusted and appreciated.

Step three: a Confident purchase

Upon receiving a poll notification Preenster user's friends
start voting. Within minutes a user receives feedback that
lets him instantly view the opinions of his many friends.

The Preenster App lets a user track his polls on the go and engage in shopping decision making of his friends. Moreover, the App is a perfect instrument for your business to reach out to a new audience among the user’s friends, as well as gain mobile conversions. Download from AppStore
Plans and pricing Choose what suits you best
S STORES up to 1 000 purchases / mo $99/ MO  CONTACT SALES
• Add-to-bag button
• Analytics
• Unlimited cards for friends
M STORES up to 5 000 purchases / mo $199/ MO  CONTACT SALES
• Add-to-bag button
• Upgraded analytics
• Unlimited cards for friends
• Extended triggers
• CSV data
L STORES up to 15 000 purchases / mo $499/ MO  CONTACT SALES
• Add-to-bag button
• Extended analytics
• Unlimited cards for friends
• Triggers
• Extended CSV data
• Customized design
XL STORES 15 000+ purchases / mo $999/ MO+ CONTACT SALES
• Add-to-bag button
• Extended analytics
• Unlimited cards for friends
• Extended triggers
• Extended CSV data
• Fully customized design
Installation and payment is protected by SSL-protocol. We do not store credit card data

Does your store operate on an e-commerce platform?

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«The most promising tool for fashion sales» — IDCEE Conference 2013
«In case of conversions, Preenster helps us get to solutions as quickly as possible.
It makes the quality of our shopping experience much higher»
— PSFK Conference 2014

Tech support

Multilingual team that cares about your business

Is it safety to install Preenster?

Yes, we cares about your security. All actions are secured
by SSL-protocol. Also, we can offer you box version for
installing on your own server.

What happens after end of trial period?

If you will like Preenster, we will offer you pricing package
with monthly payments.

Could I change pricing plan?

Sure, you can make it in any moment. After changing pricing play, you pays for the previous month.

How long is trial term?

Preenster is free to use for first 14 days. Trial is absolutely
secure — we don’t need your credit card information.
You are able to stop trial at any moment.

How can you check the results?

With each pricing plan we provide access to the personal
page with extended analytics.

How to pay?

Payments takes automatic, monthly, according to your pricing plan. Price of each plan is in USD, but we can convert it to any currency.

The growing list of clients

Preenster works with very young brands as well as with market leaders

and 40 others

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